For homeless women, it really is that dreaded time of the month. With limited or no access to sanitary products, they’re often forced to go without. This initiative believes that tampons and towels should be made available through homeless shelters, the same way the government provides condoms. To show your support, share the site, sign the petition, or donate a tampon.


There are over 1 million documented Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Feminine hygiene is an often over-looked need when providing aid to refugees. Women require sanitary pads every single month. When given disposable products, she will once again need them in 28 days. Many refugees simply cannot afford to purchase pads month after month.

Days for Girls Lebanon will provide refugees with reusable, dependable, cloth feminine hygiene kits. We will establish a sewing center for volunteers to join our team and expand our production and reach.


No More Taboo is a not-for-profit social enterprise whose mission is for women around the world to have the resources and power to manage menstruation and sanitation effectively, sustainably and without prejudice.