Mizan is growing rapidly, which is great. We are building a fabulous sisterhood of womb workers, supporting and guiding each other, of service to those that need us. It is to the benefit of us all: Mizan, all the practitioners and especially our clients, to ensure that standards are kept at the very highest. We want Mizan practitioners to be the gold standard for womb work.

Mizan practitioner standards

Practitioner training fees include membership of the Foundation for a year. After that, practitioners can choose to remain a member. For those that don’t join us, we have no knowledge of their practice once they leave the Foundation.

We all know that following a training, any training, without keeping up to date, bad habits can form and quickly take us far from the original. Mizan is no different. So those who remain in the Mizan Foundation have certain conditions to ensure they are keeping to the high standards expected.

There is no-one going to keep you on track better than another practitioner, and as part of the CPD practitioners need to be performing at least two treatments a year on another practitioner. They also have to show that they are keeping their knowledge up-to-date by attending workshops, reading books and articles, and viewing videos.

You can find practitioners that are members of the Mizan Foundation here. If someone is not listed, it could mean that they have chosen not to be, or that they are still completing case studies. If you are not sure if the person you are seeing is a member of the Foundation or not, please email bushra@mizanfoundation.com for clarification.