Mizan trainingMizan Practitioner Training

A woman’s womb is her driving force, her power house, her engine room; and yet we have become disconnected from this small but energetically powerful centre.

The Wombspace Workshop provides an excellent foundation for starting to connect in with your womb, trusting your intuition and your authentic self.

It is also the first stage of training. As practitioners we need to look after ourselves first and foremost and the resources we learn on the Wombspace Workshop are also those things that we will be recommending to our clients. It’s important that we understand how to guide them.

Very importantly, doing this Workshop helps us both to know if Mizan Practitioner training is likely to be a good fit for you. I don’t want you to commit to the full training and then find that you don’t like my teaching style for example.

Should we both decide that Mizan practitioner training is for you, then you can choose the dates and venue that suit your schedule. Practitioner training is usually residential over five days. There is some online anatomy and physiology to complete before the training, an assessment at the end of the week and case studies to complete after training.

Training fees include your first year’s membership of the Mizan Foundation which gives you access to mentors for the first three months after training, practitioner prices on Mizan Botanicals and full profile on the practitioner listing to name a few.

Full details of all UK Mizan courses and workshops can be found here.

If you are in Australia or NZ, then it’s here.